La Millou

Parents pride

La Millou means being nice. And colorful. And staying safe and protected.

From the first to the last seam, we want to make sure that all our products will meet your expectations in terms of quality, design and their softness.

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Whenever you see, or feel our products you will know immediately that this is not just a slogan: this is the true sense of what we do. After we finish creating each and every product we attach our signature tag, a stylish paper label, a heart pendant and fold it gently into a linen bag. This is how it makes its way over to You, so that you can feel the joy of unpacking it the moment it gets there, or make somebody you care for happy with such a nicely wrapped gift.

All our products are made here, in Poland. The materials we use meet any and all safety norms and are OEKO-TEX 100 CLASS I certified – this means that they meet the restrictive demands that are expected from baby and infant products.

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