Smoke detectors and bed lights with a creative touch
Euromass - Flow

Isn’t this the most stylish smoke detector you’ve ever seen? A creative smoke detector that suits perfectly in different interior styles and kids´ rooms.
We all need smoke alarms in our homes to keep us safe but why do they need to be boring?



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We have taken a different approach – we’ve looked at this life-saving household essential with new eyes, and given it a designer makeover. This are creative smoke alarms, combining function, design and safety in one stylish product.

The Flow Smoke Detectors are photoelectric smoke detectors shaped as an adorable little animal or a birdhouse on the wall and will most certainly put a smile on the faces of those looking that way.

Bed lights with a creative touch

The Flow lighting collection has that special touch. A range of creative night lights that brighten the kids’ night when needed. All adorable lights have a soft and cuddly touch to it. Switch between colors in the most intuitive way possible: just tap or shake the light, easy for even the smallest kids! All the bad dreams will go away with a Flow night light!

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