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One nice morning in the summer of 2000, Bastien, the oldest son of Vincent Claessens, called his father to tell him he had finished sleeping. It was … 5.30am! That is how the Claessens’Kids adventure really started!

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Vincent Claessens, father of 6 children, and the founder of Claessens’Kids, then discovered that many parents face the same problem he has: Young children often get up too early!

The solution! Encouraged by his finding, Vincent Claessens invented the Kid’Sleep, the first nightlight with an alarm display for children. In a playful and educational way, it solves the problem that every Young child has: it is really time to get up or do I have to sleep a bit longer?

Following this success, Claessens’Kids has given itself a new mission: bringing to the market innovative and eductional products dedicated to make the life easier for parents and children! Claessens’Kids, it’s time for kids!

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